Wednesday, March 07, 2007

When The Power Combine

The past two months were scary for the dwellers of Bandar Pulai Jaya. We hardly have a nice comfortable sleep. Few houses were intruded by robbers at night and early morning. There were cases where the robbers hurt the house owner besides stealing their cash, jewelry, hand phone etc.

One month ago, a meeting was held to discuss and form a group called "Kawasan Rukun Tetangga (KRT)" which roughly means "Peace Neighborhood Territory". The group will organize shift of security rounds to monitor and watch over the neighborhood at night. I have been in the shift (1 to 5 am) twice since KRT was formed. It's quite tiring though to have the same people doing the rounds weekly. Not all residents of the neighborhood participate, which is quite unfair.

Therefore, yesterday, we had another meeting (photo) at the basket ball court in the play ground in front of my house, hoping that everybody will turn up, basically to discuss methods to improve the existing KRT group. We tried to gather as much house owners to participate in the group. I hope more people will join to ensure peacefulness of our neighborhood.

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