Sunday, August 05, 2007

Around Ikhwan's Five Year Old Birthday

Well, on the 20th of July 2007 (what a nice date it was: 20072007), Ikhwan turned 5 years old. No birthday party this time. But as usual we have some cakes, sweet and candies for the kids. Ikhwan got a remote control robot, Marsya received a doll model while Alya got a small keyboard piano.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My new Site :

Hi guys, I'm moving to my new domain and hosting. Check out my new "" which is using wordpress platform. Well, I'm still green in wordpress. I'm sorry because the site is still not perfect yet. I'm improving it on a constant daily basis (after work off course....).

Friday, May 25, 2007

Thought For the Day 3

.....Have the Name of God on your tongue, in your breath, ever. That will invoke His Form as the inner core of everything. That will provide you with His company, and contact with His boundless energy and bliss. That is the “good association” which gives you maximum benefit. Converse with God who is in you; derive courage and consolation from Him. He is the Teacher who is most concerned with your progress.....

....You are engaged in service and undertaking various spiritual practices. What benefit have you derived from these activities? Only when good feelings emerge from you, you get rich rewards. After sowing a papaya seed, you cannot expect a mango fruit. As is the seed, so is the tree. Likewise, as is the feeling, so is the result. Good and evil are based on your feelings. Hence, develop noble thoughts and spread the message of love to the entire world. Cultivate the feeling that all are your brothers and sisters.....

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Size Does Matter!!!

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Adsense Video....Cool

Google is coming out with a more attractive and aggressive ads than the text adds. It's the new "Adsense video". I cannot wait to insert those video ads in my blog but I have to wait for a while. It's still under testing. However, check out the information from Google Inside Adsense below:

You've heard the expression "Content is king." We completely agree, and we also realize that these days website content is much more than just text -- it's also video. That's why we're excited to announce that this week, we're launching a pilot with a small group of publishers to test streaming video ads in their online video content. With this pilot, publishers control when the ads play in their videos and choose which videos get the ads.We know there's a lot going on in the world of video, and you may be wondering how this relates to other video
initiatives we've announced in AdSense. Here's a brief clarification:

- Click-to-play video ads: This is a video ad type on our content network. Any publisher opted into image ads and using one of the supported formats may see these click-to-play video ads on their sites.

- AdSense video distribution and sponsorship: We ran 2 pilots that allowed publishers to choose video channels (short-form video clips bundled with video ads) to display on their sites.

- In-stream video ads pilot: This is what we're announcing today - we're extending AdSense to online video content. Publishers in this test will be able to define at what point in their videos that streaming video ads will appear. (MORE)

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Mars Starts Using Animal Products

When it comes to chocolate bars, my wife will get crazy. She love chocolate bars a lot especially Cadburry, Snickers, Mars etc. With news release that some of chocolate bars will stop using vegetable fats, that is not a good news for us to hear. My favourite, which is Maltesers is also in the list of chocolate that is no longer suitable for vegetarians.....Check out the article below adopted from BBC NEWS.

Mars, Snickers and Twix chocolate bars
Masterfoods' brands are household names
Some of the UK's best-selling chocolate bars, such as Mars and Twix, will no longer be suitable for vegetarians.

Also affecting brands such as Snickers and Maltesers, owner Masterfoods said it had started to use animal product rennet to make its chocolate products.

Masterfoods said the change was due to it switching the sourcing of its ingredients and the admission was a "principled decision" on its part.

The Vegetarian Society said the company's move was "incomprehensible".

'Extremely disappointed'

Masterfoods said it had started using rennet from 1 May and non-affected products had a "best before date" up to 1 October.

Rennet, a chemical sourced from calves' stomachs, is used in the production of whey.

It will now also be found in Bounty, Minstrels and Milky Way products, and the ice cream versions of all Masterfoods' bars.

"If the customer is an extremely strict vegetarian, then we are sorry the products are no longer suitable, but a less strict vegetarian should enjoy our chocolate," said Paul Goalby, corporate affairs manager for Masterfoods.

The Vegetarian Society said it was "extremely disappointed".

"At a time when more and more consumers are concerned about the provenance of their food, Masterfoods' decision to use non-vegetarian whey is a backward step," it said in a statement.

"Mars products are very popular with young people and many will be shocked to discover that their manufacture now relies on the extraction of rennet from the stomach lining of young calves," it added.

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Make A MILLION In 3 Years

§ Would you like to make a MILLION in three years?

§ Would you like to be paid cash for your products?

§ Would you like to get involved in a business giving a near 100 percent passive income?

§ Would you like to be in a business with low running costs?

§ Would you like to be in a business where you do NOT have to hire any employees, worry about salaries, overtime, work force planning, bonuses and EPF issues?

§ Would you like to be in a business where the demand is high and the supply is very limited?

If you answered ‘yes" to any of the above questions, then this is for you.

The answer to ALL of the questions above is swiftlet farming or better known as bird's nest farming.

Well, what exactly are swiftlet farms? Swiftlet farms refer to modified building or specially build structure for the purpose of providing breeding places for birds known as swiftlets. When swiftlet breed, they build the nests for their young using their saliva. It is this saliva that the Chinese around the world are willing to pay top dollars for. What's more important, swiftlets reside in only a few countries in the world, and Malaysia is one of them!

For many years, swiftlet farming has been providing lucrative and unbelievable returns to those who know the secrets of the business. For example, the projected returns from a 2- storey standard shop lot is in excess of RM300,000 per year. This successful business model has been replicated many times by the privileged few who guards the secrets fiercely for obvious reasons. What's more, swiftlet farming is legal and has the endorsement from Federal and State governments.

Due to popular demand, we are organizing a workshop for those who want to find out more about swiftlet farming. This is a workshop that we guarantee you have never seen before. It will cover all the topics you needed to know to kick start your own swiftlet farms. This is also your rare chance to meet up with the Guru of Swiftlet Farming, Dr. Christopher Lim, who is also the author of the best selling "Make Millions from Swiftlet Farming - A Definitive Guide".

Dr. Lim is a well respected figure in the field of swiftlet farming on top of being a full time Consultant Physician and Kidney Specialist at various reputable institutions and hospitals in Malaysia. He is a much sought after speaker in both local and international swiftlet farming workshops. Over the years, he has assisted many in owning their dream farms. More importantly, he is a successful farmer himself - he manages two highly successful swiftlet farms. Further, when he started his farms, he was not even residing in Malaysia!

By attending this workshop, you will be able to understand the ins and outs about swiftlet farming. Learn first hand from Dr. Lim about his vast experience in swiftlet farming. Do not miss this opportunity of a lifetime!

When: Saturday 7 July 2007
Where: Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya
Time: 9 am - 1 pm
Speaker: Dr. Christopher Lim
Fee: RM490
Group Discount (2 or more pax signing up at the same time): RM400 only. (Please call us at 03-7880 1051 for group discount sign ups.)

This program will soon be full. Act quickly and join an already impressive list of investors and business people at this powerful and unique program.

BOOK YOUR SEATS NOW to ensure your spot. To do so, simply register online at or call us at 03-7880 1051 and we will do the rest.

We look forward to sharing this remarkable event with you!

Yours sincerely

Azizi Ali
Millionaires Coach
P - 03 7880 1051 F - 03 7880 8051

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Interesting huh.....Art or Furniture?

The Obelisk ( wOw )

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Thought For the Day 2

".......One needs to keep watch over one’s thoughts, because they form the basis for one’s actions. When one’s wishes are fulfilled, one is content. When they are not realised disappointment ensues. But no one inquires into the causes for such divergent feelings. Failures are the result of one’s own shortcomings. When the heart is pure, actions will automatically yield beneficial results. Our thoughts are the cause of the success or failure of our efforts. Hence one must utilise thoughts in a proper manner. When one’s thoughts are sublime, the results one achieves are also sublime.........."

"........When defeat and disappointment stare you in the face, you must not give way to weakness or despondency. Never condemn yourself as inferior or useless. Analyse the situation and find out the reasons for defeat so as to avoid it next time. You should have muscles of iron and nerves of steel. Then your resolution will generate the necessary confidence, and that will win over opposition. For the crop of life, courage and confidence are the best fertilizers. Be like lions in the spiritual field, rule over the forest of the senses and roam fearlessly with full faith in achieving victory...."

Alza Price

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Our Weekend Activities

Today, we woke up late. Well, it's Sunday!!! Later in the afternoon, we went to some show houses. They're beautiful. I wonder, went we'll be living in such a spacious and luxurious house like that. The cost of the house is nearly 1/2 a million MYR. mahal beb....

Don't be mistaken. That's not my car. It's the new Toyota Camry and I fancy it so much. I hope I can own it within 18 - 24 months time. Hopefully.

By the way, hari ini aku memang tak banyak main dengan internet. Just buat 5S (kemas-kemas la...ala konsep Jepun tu) Aku ISO kan dokumen2 aku la....Hari ini memang kena buat evaluation sikit dan review balik semua planning dan kerja aku. Kalau tak review, ntah-ntah ada yang tak kena, terlajak, buat waste time aku je.....Puas hati aku dapat kemas-kemas sikit benda-benda dan dokumen aku yang bersepah sikit2.

Frust juga semalam sebab manchester united kalah...Tapi nak buat camna, telan je la...besok kat tempat kerja, mesti member-member enemy Man-U standny nak mengutuk aku....Takpa,,tabahkan hati...

Akademi Fantasia 5, aku memang dah agak si Milah tu yang menang....Memang dia start takde momentum masa mula-mula AF5 start dulu...tapi last-last power pulak....di tambah pulak dengan iringan lagu my Heart.....perhhh tangak feeling pulakk....

Hmmm kena standby, besok nak pergi kerja. It's another new week. I'm going to optimize my time and work.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Semua benda yang ada dalam kepala sekarang

Dah berapa malam aku tidur lewat. Semalam aku tidur jam 2 pagi. Before that aku tidur jam 3 pagi. Adalah projek/kerja yang aku buat. Memang besoknya aku kena pergi kerja, tapi aku ada target yang aku kena capai this month. He he...macam target sales lah iye pun.....

Sebenarnya bukan senang nak senang. Asyik pikir macam mana nak buat itu ini. Nak bersama family dan harmoni. Nak tambah rezeki dan sebagainya. Dalam pada tu, aku pun tengah pikir nak sambung belajar lagi. Huh....!!! macam-macam la....

Sekarang ni dahla tengah clash pulak 2 program....Akademi Fantasia 5 final dan juga F.A cup final Manchester United dan Chealsea. Dua-dua program nie lewat pulak habis....tak habis-habis lagi walaupun dah jejak 12 tengah malam....Sapa lah nak menang....nie....??? Bola dah jejak extra time dah nie...

Aku punya saham pulak dalam bursa KLSE nie...masih hold lagi....pelik jugak lah walaupun indeks komposit nampak ok...tapi kebanyakkan saham2 murah dan sederhana nie....tak aktif sgt....nasib baik aku tak jadi beli marco warrant hari jumaat lepas pada harga 11.5 sen seunit.....kalau tak mesti aku jadi lagi tension sebab closing Jumaat lepas pada 10.5 sen....pheww....!!! Well, let's just hope saham-saham aku nie akan jadi ok la....Patut la member aku dan analisis cakap bulan May nie....memang tak berapa Ok sikit....indeks nampak ok pun pasal blue chip ok.....

Pasal projek aku nak sambung pHd pulak.....ingat nak commercializekan project freeze concentration yang wife aku pelopori tu....tapi bila aku tgk2 dan cari info sikit pasal cooling system dan kos operating cost yang terlibat, rasa macam payah pulak.....tapi aku nak try selidik dulu la....takkan main give up cam tu je....malas aku nak pikir topik lain nak buat.....Aku nak kena check lagi sekali feasibility dan commercial viability project separation tu....

Itu hari, makan dengan member aku yang dah naik pangkat jadi manager....macam2 benda kita borak while makan....memang fruitful dan pack dengan ideas.....idea nak cari duit la......bagus juga sekali sekala keluar dan spent time dengan different people.....kekadang aku bergaul dan mix dengan geng executive yang lain, hampeh.....asyik mengarut je...tapi at least release tension gak....daripada duk pikir pasal kat kilang aku tu....

Aku memang nak maintain blog nie asalnya in english...tapi aku take time la nak tulis dalam english....kena control grammar, spelling dan macam2 lagi....So aku decide utk tulis je dalam BM dan selit2 dengan English.....So, lagi cepat la aku taip....apa yang ada dalam benak aku, aku taip je.....Tapi lepas aku baca comment daripada Paula Mooney dari USA dalam post beberapa hari lepas...aku sungguh terharu, sebab dia masih membaca dan memberi komen terhadap post aku....maybe after this, it is difficult for her to read my post.....Sorry Paula....

Dah 3 malam gak aku duk tanda report design project student UITM nie....itu antara sebab minggu nie average time tidur aku dah jadi 1.30 pagi.....he he....nasib baik dah siap aku kasi marking....rasa macam jadi lecturer pulak.....dah la tu kat kilang aku supervise sorang lagi practical student..... goes on....We must to do our very best to succeed in everything....without ignoring our faith and God.....Yes, we are busy, but still we must allocate a portion of our precious time for our love ones....our spouse, kids, parents etc....

Friday, May 18, 2007

Thought For the Day

...Evil qualities like desire, anger and hatred may arise in you at times but they should not be allowed to take root in the mind. When someone comes to your doorstep with his baggage, if you receive him and start exchanging pleasantries, he will immediately enter and settle down in your house. On the other hand, if you ignore him completely, he will seek lodging elsewhere. Likewise, when evil thoughts arise, just ignore them. On the other hand, if you entertain them, they will rule over you. When you come across something evil, do not look at it, talk about it or listen to it; just ignore it. You should permit entry into your mind only that which is sacred. Do not allow evil to enter. Only then can you attain peace....

.....Whatever you seek in the external world is present in you. There is nothing outside which is not within. When you open your eyes, you are able to see thousands of heads. Once you close your eyes, you cannot see anyone. From this, it is clear that all that you see with your physical eyes is transient. So long as the physical eyes are functional, you are able to see the world. Once they become non-functional, you cannot see anything. But there is something that you can see whether you open your eyes or shut them. That is Divinity. It is changeless and eternal. It has neither birth nor death. In fact, you are the embodiment the same divine principle. Understand this truth.....

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Kurang Masa Tapi Banyak Kerja

Aku punya perancangan dan projek yang nak di buat punyalah banyak. Masalahnya aku tak cukup masa nak buat dan laksanakan. Maklumlah, kerja dah makan masa banyak sangat, lepas tu travelling pulak tu, berapa jam satu hari!!! Tapi, macam mana pun aku kena try usaha buat semua benda yang aku plan tu.

Cabaran aku sekarang ni adalah untuk belajar pakai soholaunch untuk design website. Aku ni bukanlah dari komputer background. So, memang problem sikitlah nak design site. So, selama nie belajar sendiri la....If only aku ada tok guru yang boleh ngajar aku buat site, jimat masa sikit siut...

Aku pun nak maintain blog ni dalam bahasa melayu + english....supaya aku boleh main type je apa yang ada dalam kepala otak aku nie....kira type jari tak berenti la.....

Aku punya investment kat BSKL pulak hold je sbb market tgh down la, maintain je lah investment aku dalam tu. Harapnya later aku boleh lah earn something like 500++ monthly from saham aku least membantu la sikit urusan dan beban kewangan yang semakin menghimpit zaman moden nie....

Tadi, dua bijik keta aku bawak pegi cuci sekali dgn ikhwan dan marsya....Dah lama nak bawak cuci, tapi tak sempat....So, aku tak kisah sangat nak tengok Akademi Fantasia masa tu, lepas balik rumah around 10 lebih malam baru aku join tgk AF5 dengan wife aku. So, tadi tu, cuci Kancil aku yang baru lepas accident....Nampak ok la Kancil tu....tapi bunyi clucth memang hampeh dan tak sedap betul....memang kena bawak pegi service la.....kat Perodua service Taman U nanti....

Target short term adalah utk cepat2 settlekan site aku...Bila la aku boleh launch.....???

Monday, April 16, 2007

Life Goes On Stories

I'm really busy nowadays and I don't like it. A lot of jobs and reports have to be done at work. My boss suddenly resigned. My down line staffs have their own "mystery" problems of taking MC (medical leave) at strategic time. Sometimes, I don't have enough manpower on a shift to run the plant (but we still run the plant). Luckily my eyes are a little bit fine and OK. I can feel the improvement and it's not as stress as last week.

Last Saturday, on my way home from work, I stopped at Shell station to buy the Star newspaper (to see and read some business and stock investment stuff!!!). Unfortunately, the paper was not available. I don't understand why the Star always run out of stock almost everywhere except at Jusco Mall Taman University (where they have tremendous amount of the Star newspapers). Well, that's not the story I want to tell here. As I drove my car to the main road (Pasir Gudang highway), an old man waved to me from outside. He approached me. I lowered down the window. He asked me nicely whether he can take a lift to the Carrefore / Jalan Kota Tinggi intersection. He said that he have been at the petrol station for few hours already. Initially I was not sure whether to offer him a lift or not. Who knows maybe he's a stranger with bad intention!!! But, after observing him, i felt pity. I welcomed him and he hoped into my Waja (after I cleared all the papers and documents which were lying unorganized on the seat. I threw them to the back seat.

In the car, we chatted. He came from Kluang to Johor Bahru to seek for work. He arrived the day before and spent the night in a mosque at Permas Jaya. He intended to visit and stay a few days at his cousins home, but his cousin have moved. I asked him whether he have family or not? His wife had past away few years ago and his 2 children were already married and lived with their family. His kids are doing just enough to support their family. So, he cannot depend on his children financially. He still have to work at the age of 63. He added, he was earlier at Shell to seek for some work, not long, just a day or two, to buy some food and perhaps return back to his home town (if he cannot meet his cousin, where he can have shelter). I really pity him that moment. I wish I can help him financially or other ways. But, I must help myself and my family first...

We reached the junction and I dropped him. Before he left, I gave him some money (enough to buy a good lunch) and the only food stock that I have in the car i.e. a packet of half filled "kuaci" (seed). I'm glad I helped him a little by giving him a ride and some money. I hope he is safe and healthy and can find a job and meet his cousin (well, i don't know how!!!) and can survive. I hope his kids will take care of his father...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Limited Time

I already have my own domain name and I really wanted to work on it. Unfortunately, I have limited time to learn and explore WordPress and manage my domain account. Nowadays, my work seems to conquer most of my time. I'll be working on my blog progressively bit by bit. In the mean time, I'll still be using this platform to blog, until I'm ready for a change.

It's now 8.45 pm and I better get some sleep because in a few hour times (1.00 - 5.00am), it's my turn (my shift) to be a "security guard" at my housing area!!! Well, it's a social obligation and the communities are working together to ensure peacefulness of our territory.

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