Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What Does Blogging Means To Me?

I discovered blogging less than a year ago. That time, I don't know what does the word 'blog' means. I soon realized that blog was derived from the a combination of "web" and "log", which became "weblog", and finally "blog". Blogging gave people like you and me a platform to express and share ideas, opinions, thoughts, knowledge and more than that too. Anybody can create a blog and compose whatever they want.

I wish I knew about blogging earlier. I love to write and post articles in magazines and bulletins. I was always directly involved in publication since primary, secondary and tertiary education (using my mother tongue language). Now, that my work place does not provide me any means to write, they just want me to work and work and work. Hence, as soon as I discover blogging, I immediately sign up under Blogger and start posting. My first blog was Chemical Engineering World. That blog is progressively getting some attention from fellow chemical engineers around. Initially, it was not easy managing that blog. Slowly, I learned positioning some script code the hard way by try and error. It took me some time to learn and grasp the technique and skill. Now that I'm comfortable with blogger, the new Blogger was released. To be frank, I'm not comfortable playing around with the new Blogger, but I'm glad they introduced "Labels" to categories our posts. I'm still struggling to adapt with the new Blogger and you can see that my adsense and other ads are not optimumly positioned. I'm still working on that.

Another good think about blogging is the income that can be automatically generated from it 24/7. Earlier, I never thought that blogging can become that generous. I must admit, some successful blogs out there inspired me to create and produced a good quality content blog. Yesterday, while reading "I've made $4,375.75 online! Here's how you can too...", I discovered more ways and tools to monetize our blog. It really open up my eyes reading Paula's teachings. If you have not read that article, you better spent 10 minutes reading it. It's a great post and I'm glad Paula share it with her readers.

Enough about blogging and making money. It's already late at night and I still have a job to take care tomorrow. I'm going to work harder to improve my blog with some little time that I have at night. Thanks to my wife for understanding and supporting me. For my readers, thank you for reading my blog. I hope you'll find it useful and enjoy it very much.

p/s: Besides Google Adsense, try AuctionAds to monetize your site.


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Hi Zaki - Yes, I too sometimes wish I had discovered blogging earlier, but I'm glad we're doing it now!

Thank you for linking to my post, I hope it inspires lots of people to create their own wealth doing what they love.

Take care,

Zaki said...

ha ha...yea...thanks for the post...very good.

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