Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Part Time Blogger Concept

I go to work very early in the morning, and return home when it is already dark. Everyday, I arrive home and have a wonderful home cook dinner prepared by my wife (I'm lucky that my wife's cooking is marvelous and she loves cooking for me). I play a little bit with my three beautiful kids. Sometimes they're noisy playing around and sometimes they quarrel with each other. Well, they're just small innocent kids.

Before taking shower, I'll switch on the laptop and modem. After shower, praying, having dinner, I sit at the table with my right hand initially maneuvering the mouse. My eyes are laser focus reading emails and my favourite blogs. After about an hour or two, both of my hands are one the keyboard, posting something for the two blogs that I maintain (this blog and Chemical Engineering World). I will try my best to post on a daily basis for each blogs with such a limited time. To be frank, it is easier for me to post in Chemical Engineering World because of the daily working experiences and continuous learning process that I gained as a chemical engineer in an oil processing factory. However, posting for this blog, is quite a challenge. Actually I can post a lots of things happening around me, my family, friends and community. However, I don't want to be stressing too much on my personal story because I fear the readers will be bored with it. I plan to be more focus on the content for this blog and I want my readers to benefit from it big time. Therefore, I have decided to narrow down this blog scope to 'blogging tips', 'making money' and 'anything that linger in my mind'. Let me explain the concept of the blog.

Blogging tips
: I'll be discussing and sharing blogging tips that I learned and experienced all this while as a part time night blogger. It may cover areas such as increasing traffic, SEO, marketing, link exchange and much more. I'll be doing some link love with other established bloggers around. I welcome some link exchange as well. Just mention it in the comment area and we can be in a win-win position. Ultimate aim is to improve our blog rank.

Making money: Everybody wants to make money. Hence, I'm going to share my journey on making money online via blogging, affiliate marketing etc. I'm new in the industry (just discovered and began blogging last August), but thank God, I already received my first Google cheque last two weeks. My wife had a big smile on her face after the discovering the cheque. She already bank-in the cheque on my behalf. Now, I'm on my way to receive my second cheque. I noticed making money via blogging has an exponential effect. I could still remember how difficult it was for me to learn editing html, script code etc without any help. I went through it by try and error. Well, I'm still learning. It's a continuous process. This is part of the 'making money online'.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I'm now involve in the stock market investment. This is a great and fantastic area to make big bucks. However, again, we need to learn the market, formulas, tricks, technique and networking with other traders and brokers to get early and accurate information. There's a risks in stock market investment. Therefore, we need to be cautions on our decisions in buying and selling stocks. This is part of the 'making money off-line'. More of the off-line making money stuffs are to be grabbed out there. I'll share some of them in this blog later.

Anything that linger in my mind: This is the portion where I'll post whatever I'm thinking. It can be personal experiences, family outing, movies, vacation, food and beverages and many more. Sometimes, just posting about blogging tips and making money could be boring. Why not I include some piece of 'anything that linger in my mind' to spice up the world!

As I end this post, my wife is already asleep. She's exhausted and not feeling well after a very hectic day. Marsya, my first daughter has already slept as well. Ikhwan and Alya are still actively awake! For your information, it is already 1.05 am in the morning. I've been the laptop's best friend since 8.30 pm just now (that's why sometimes my wife complaints...). Tomorrow, I'm going to wake up at 6.00 am and drive to work at 7.00 am still being sleepy (the distance between my home and my work place is about 50 km and usually it took my one hour to reach there).

I can say this is my daily routine as a part time blogger, in progress to be part time stock market investor and full time chemical engineer. Not to forget, a full time husband and father. I'm tired and sleepy but I could not sleep without posting to this blog. OK, now that I've completed this post, I want to have some sleep. Adios!

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Paula Neal Mooney said...

Yay! Your first Google check.

Goody goody gum drop!

Zaki said...

Ha ha...hopefully more will come our way...

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