Sunday, March 25, 2007

Transformers Movie

I went to the cinema with my wife today, just the two of us, alone. Nowadays, it's difficult for us to watch movie because our three kids are still small to join us. Luckily, we have a good and trusted maid to take care of them while we were out. We don't have any movie in particular to watch. We just went there, scan through the movie listing, and decided to watch a Malay movie called "Mukhsin".

However, a teaser theatrical triller shown before the movie (Mukhsin) really caught my attention. The sound effect, stunt, action and fire power made me wonder what movie is this?
To my surprise, it is Transformers the movie and it is not a cartoon. Transformers was my favourite robot cartoon series since I was small. I always watched and sketched most of the robots. My robot heroes back then were Hot Rod (race car), Blaster (stereo cassette player), and of course Optimus Prime (commander of the heroic Autobots).

It's going to be a super great movie and I know it definitely will be simply because Steven Spielberg is the man behind it. The movie is going to played this July and look forward watching it.

When Transformers The Movie cartoon was played in the 1986s, I immediately grab hold of the video and watched them repeatedly. My guess, I have watched the cartoon movie almost 30 times or more. I even have the DVD now at home (which I borrowed from my younger brother), and my 5 year old son is always playing it. I believed, he has been watching it for more than 10 times already. Like father like son!

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