Thursday, March 08, 2007

Man United 1-0 OSC Lille: Farewell Larsson strike

Yahooooo, finally Manchester United made it through to the final eight in the UEFA Champions League after winning the clash against Lille yesterday. I did not watch the live game (too exhausted to stay up late at night), but managed to get a glimpse of the sweet victory which might be the last strike ever produced by Henric Larson for Manchester United. The Swede has become a great and lethal United front, and he will be surely missed when he return to Helsingborg. Enough about Larson, United must march on, look forward and work its way to grab the prestigious UEFA Champions League Cup. Glory-glory Man-United.....

Henrik Larsson says goodbye to the Man Utd faithful in the best possible way, by scoring the winner against Lille. The Swedish striker is off home in a week, and United will miss him.

Flying winger Cristiano Ronaldo, goes... flying, in the 1-0 win over Lille. The Portuguese international was booked for this effort, but did set up the goal later on.

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