Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some Updates

I still feel some headache but it is lesser than yesterday. My fever has also reduced. I have not surfed the internet for few days because of going to KL and also because I was sick yesterday. As a result I have to catch up reading all my favourite blogs. Up to now, I have not yet read all of them yet, but I'm going to read them. And I'm going to post comments as usual on Paula's site, a good blogger friend and loyal reader of this blog.

So, here's a little bit something to share about what's happening around me for the pass 1-2 days:

1. My company credited some money - encashment for replacement leave - I work during public holidays. Not bad. I received MYR 300++.

2. I called my broker just now and say hi. I'm going to try my luck on stock and investment.

3. I gave my wife some assistance on her slide that she prepared just now for her Ph.D first stage examination tomorrow. She's an expert in a last minute work.

4. I have not really eaten for 2 days due to lost of appetite. I tried having Mcdonalds for dinner and I managed to finish my BicMac Meal.

5. I have loads and loads of unfinished business that I have to attend to at work and I'm wondering when will it be over???


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Hello, Zaki -

I'm glad you're feeling well enough to blog today.

And grateful that you were able to keep down some McDonalds. I had coffee from there this morning!

Good thing you're trying your hand at investing. I'm also getting better with the money management thing with my Provider's help.

Take care and be well,

Zaki said...

I cannot access the internet from my home yesterday because the modem is spoilt!!! I hope I can get a replacement today....As soon as possible....I'm responding this comment from some cyber cafe outside.....

I still feel not really fit...I hope I'm going to be OK soon...

Thanks for your concern

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