Friday, March 09, 2007

Blessing In Disguise

Today I received a small compensation from SOCSO (Social Security Organization) (cheque) following the accident that I had during my plant shutdown. SOCSO basically is an organization that provides a comprehensive social security protection for Malaysian workers.

I was surprised to receive the cheque, mainly because the process is faster than I expected (just over 1 month). They gave me MRY708.00 from the nine-day medical leave (MC) given to me due to the temporary disablement that I experienced. Well, that's not bad. Of course the money will be a lot of help to me and my family. It's not that hard to spend that little amount of money..ain't it. I can't wait.


Paula Neal Mooney said...

That is a good blessing, Zaki, especially after all that pain you've been thru.

I pray there's plenty more money and peace -- and no more accidents! -- in your future.

Zaki said...

Thanks Paula....

me too...I pray the same for you too

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