Monday, March 12, 2007

Taking A Break

My family and I went to Kuala Lumpur (KL), capital of Malaysia, last Saturday and we took the opportunity to meet up with some friends and visiting places. I can't really recall the last time we went to KL. What I know is, we always don't have enough time to spend in KL. Furthermore, we are traveling with 3 small kids of mine, which make it even difficult and troublesome to travel longer hours. Sometimes, I wish I can spend one or two weeks in KL, visit everybody and every places that we desire. However, that cannot happen now, I hope it can be achieved later in the future. KLCC is one of Malaysia's landmarks that we went to. Yes, we went there, but I think we only cover 15% of KLCC. Thanks to the kids, they went mad and restless. They were exhausted and just want to sleep!

Suria KLCC is a great place to spend money

My wife, kids and her fifteen- years- have- not- met friend

My wife took this photo. I have very few photo's of myself because I was busy capturing other people's photos

To the rest of our friends in KL whom we do not visit, we're sorry. We have very limited time to spend. We'll visit you guys later. Hope you guys understand. Cheers.


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Zaki you and your wife and your babies look really nice.

You look like an old friend of mine.

And that shopping center you're standing in front of reminds me of The Water Tower Place in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

In fact, I dreamed I was there last night.

And there was a bear in the shopping centre!

You didn't see any black bears, did you? ;-)

Glad you're back.

I'll be taking a blog break next week to go home to Chicago for a few days.

Zaki said...

Maybe my face is a common face...ha ha....

I did not noticed any bears...

I hope you will enjoy going home...

Where do you stay actually? Is Chicago your parents place?

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