Friday, March 02, 2007

The Accident

I'm a very careful driver especially when it is raining. Previous experiences made me very cautious and a slower driver then before. Although I have tried my best driving safely, still, I could not avoid myself from accident. We have to be extra careful, because there are still reckless drivers on the road.

My car inside the river. Rain has stopped and the water level has reduced by the time this photo was taken. Earlier, the water nearly covers the top of the car because of the heavy rain.

Another angle of the car from top of the river bank.

The experience gained on last Wednesday afternoon, driving on my way home in a heavy rainy day, will be an unforgettable one. A speeding van hit the rear side of my car (kancil) and the momentum was transfered to me. I lost control and drifted swiftly. I still remembered, I've time to think what's going to happen to me? What am I going to hit? Is it going to be tree branches next to the road? Is it going to be some metal rail installed by the road side? Am I going to be injured badly? Am I going to die? What will be the faith of my family when I'm not around?

This was the van that slammed my car.

The front part was damaged and the left front door cannot be closed.

But, instead, I felt into a river!!! The car toppled few times before it landed in the water. Immediately, water rushed inside the car and fortunately I'm conscious. I fear the car will go deeper into the river and forced to follow the current of the river. I opened the door and got out of the car. At one moment, I thought about all my personal belonging. I attempted to get back into the car to retrieve my wallet and hand phone. However, I cannot feel or see them. The car was half filled with water. Then, I decided to rescue myself first, fearing anything worse might happen.

The car is being pulled up. It's a very tough process.

The uplifting process continued.

I tipped my head and saw two man on top of the river bank (5-7 meters high). They shouted and asked me whether I'm OK or not. I signaled them that I was OK. I climbed up and they helped me up. One of the men was the one who hit me.

This was the part of the grass area that I passed through before diving into the river.

The car just touched the river bank. It was already dark.

At that moment, I'm entirely glad that God have saved me from unwanted injury. I experienced some knocks on my head and a few minor injuries (that's why I went for the medical check-up). I called my wife (using the guy's hand phone who hit me) and first I have to calmed my wife that I'm OK. I asked her to come and be with me.

The car was successfully lifted to ground zero.

I lost my wallet, spectacles, another half of my slippers, and a lots of soaking wet nearly destroyed magazine, books, notes etc.

The rear window was broken. It's just sad to see my car like that.


Paula Neal Mooney said...

My God I'm glad you're okay.

Zaki said...

Yea...God helped me and I escaped with very minor injury....

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