Thursday, March 15, 2007


Sorry...I didn't know that he has already posted something for you guys on the lightning thing. Anyway, you guys heard it from both of us already.


Paula Neal Mooney said...

No problem, Zura -- I pray new equipment comes to you both soon so that Zaki may continue to blog.

Take care,

Manal said...

Zaki and zura,

Go get urself fixed to a power surge cable that is equipped with a DSL surge connection as well. And please switch it off even though it is connected on a power surge cable when the laptop and DSL not in use. Best if u also unplug the phone line from ur DSL for further precautions. I've had a few experience with such problems. More on this, pls read them in my blog.

Zaki said...

Thanks, the new modem arrived and I'm back in business.

InsyaAllah, we'll work on that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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