Wednesday, March 07, 2007

As the Chili Grows...

I have been practicing planting and nursing chili for for about 4 months in my house compound. I was thinking to purchase or rent a piece of land, to plant chili, tomato and other crops on it. The agricultural industry is a very profitable sector and I want to become a part of it. The Malaysian government is giving a full support to farmers cum entrepreneurs to boost the industry. They even give out grants and loans to help the beginning farmers to start up or expand their business.

I started planting my first seed of chili last November. It grows from a tiny little green creature (small photo) to a beautiful big chili tree now. It's fun and aspiring watching it grows. I can't wait for it to give us its first fruit. I have quite a few of them that survived despite of lots that died. I hope to become a successful professional farmer despite of my chemical engineering degree. What a change of career, isn't it?

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