Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Importance of Good Blog Entry Titles

Having an excellent content alone will not guarantee the success of our blog. We need to have a combination of factors to create a good blog such as a keyword selection and suitable post title. The reason that titles are imperative is because of how we scan information and make snap decisions on whether to dig into a story further or not. I found a very good article made by Dave Tylor from The Intuitive Life Business Blog. He has brilliantly explained the importance of having a good blog entry titles. I need not to elaborate further, but it's worth reading. At least, I learned something about "targeting search engine" with Dave's "cellphone" versus "cell phone" example.

Part of Dave's insights....

"Obviously, there are specific words that are always going to draw your eye, and these are used - ad nauseam - in advertising. The most common? Sex. Yes, you know you already saw that on an informal scan of the page and have had to come back to this paragraph to see and identify the context, right? Uh huh.

Should you use these high engagement words in every headline on your site so you can maximize the chance of engaging readers? No. Just like seeing twenty adverts that each suggest you'll become sexy and have gorgeous fun-loving friends if you consume that particular product, you'll just end up creating fatigue in your readers and it will backfire as they recognize that what you're doing is trying to manipulate them rather than help them identify whether a given article is worth reading or not." Continue reading HERE

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