Saturday, September 23, 2006

'How to Market Yourself and Your Business' we will
discuss your 'USP'

What is USP?

USP stand for Unique Selling Proposition.

'So Okay, What is a Unique Selling Proposition?' you ask.

Unique Selling Proposition is that which makes you and your business unique or different. It is the unique advantage that distinguishes you and your business from somebody else.

Most people who are in business couldn't begin to clearly state their Unique Selling Proposition in 60 seconds or less. Sadly, if they can't articulate it, it's highly improbably that their customers and prospects can understand it.

The Unique Selling Proposition is that unique advantage that distinguishes you from all your competitors. It is the reason why a potential customer should choose you of the other people they could deal with.

And, you've got to decide what it is.

Everything to Everybody

Most people want to be everything to everybody. That's a big mistake.

Not identifying and articulating your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) could cause you and your business to be generic, just a 'me, too' business.

Identifying your USP will cause you to realize what business you are in!

This time of self-evaluation can be very valuable to you and your business future.

When asked 'What business are you in?' Rather than saying, for instance, 'I'm in the real estate business.' You might say 'I am a buyer's broker of investment real estate in the Phoenix area.'

You see - USP is just another way of identifying your unique niche or specialty in the business or professional world.

In my example above in regard to real estate - sure you are going to miss the chance to broker someone's condo in Tucson or Albuquerque. But if you have established your niche, specialty or Unique Selling Proposition as a buyer's broker of investment real estate in the Phoenix area, then when an investor is looking for a purchase in the central Arizona area, you are the one that will come to their mind.

Addopted from Neil McPherron - "Your" Master Marketer

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