Friday, April 06, 2007

Some Adjustment

Hi friends,

I'm sorry for not posting anything in the past few days: Several reasons are

- My eyes are too tired to face the laptop as I've been staring the monitor for 9 - 10 hours at work doing my monthly reports. When I reached home at night, my eyes are already very weak to blog. Watching TV or focusing my eyes to read the newspaper also add some stress to my eyes. My wife have covered me by posting the Guatemala Earthquake incident. But she too have her own commitments and are only capable to cover me once in a while. That's why associating with a guess blogger is important and can ensure continuous flow of our blog content. I'm planning to do so. Anybody want to be a guess blogger?

- I'm in process to switch from blogger to WordPress platform. This blog domain is If you go to, you can see my new WordPress blog, but it's not ready yet, simply because the reason mentioned above plus I have to learn and explore WordPress. I need to get a new WordPress theme that can suit my taste and look nice and pleasant for readers. That may take some time to establish.

- Here comes the new weekend and we're heading to my in laws house in Kuantan. Hence, I'm not going to be able to do some blogging or other internet activities. There's no internet line connection in the house. There'll be some cyber cafe but I must check on the availability of my time to do so. Meeting family and relatives, chatting and keeping up to date, that's the reason of us heading there this afternoon. The last time we went there was last January.

Wrapping up: I hope you can wait and hold on. In a few weeks time (few weeks because I'm a part time blogger!!! a full time engineer...) , I'm pleased to the fact that of switching to my own WordPress blog having my own domain name and my own email address: Hmmm...I like it.....

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