Monday, January 22, 2007

Refer users to new products to generate more revenue

I adopted the following article from the Google Adsense Help Center in order to help myself and others get some info on how to generate more revenue from referral Google referral products.Hopefully we can gain some useful tips and input from it.

Referrals is a feature of AdSense that allows you to increase your revenue while increasing your users' awareness of useful products and services. By adding a referral button to your site, you can direct users to products like AdSense, AdWords, and Firefox with Google Toolbar. When your referral connects a user to one of our referral products, you can generate more earnings while helping new web publishers improve their internet experience.

Our step-by-step instructions make it easy to add a referral to your site in minutes. Note that the referral products available to you may vary depending on your location or language - you can find a full list of the referral products available for you by visiting the AdSense Setup tab and choosing Referrals as the product.

Tips for successful referrals:

  1. Actively endorse the products you refer. Unlike with AdSense for content ads, we encourage you to endorse referral products by calling attention to the button or text link. If you believe in the quality of the product that you're referring, feel free to let your users know! Of course, in line with our policies, you may not click your own ads nor encourage conversions for deceitful reasons.
  2. Treat referral units as site content rather than traditional ad space. By integrating text links or buttons into related content on your page, you can improve the experience users have on your site, enabling them to easily find the referral buttons you discuss in your content.
  3. Experiment. Try various text links and button designs to see which performs best on your site. Our policies allow you to place one referral unit per product, for up to four products total, on any given page.
  4. Customize your text links. Our policies allow publishers to alter the font and size of the text link using standard HTML "font" tags around the link. However, the font size changes must be reasonably necessary to match the theme of the site. Unreasonable or abusive changes will constitute a violation of our program policies.
  5. Choose relevant products to refer. For example, if you have a site about blogging or web hosting, an AdSense referral unit may work best on your site. The referral product that is most relevant to the content of your site will always perform best.
  6. Rotate referral units when you rotate content. Always check to see that the relevance of your referral unit is not diminished by your change in content.

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