Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Life & Death

Today, I met an accident in my work place. it hurt me really bed. I have 2 serious wounds on my left leg. Went to the hospital and get some medical attention. While I was waiting to be stitch by the doctor in the emergency ward, a car suddenly park outside the emergency ward and sounded the horn vigorously. A 15 year old boy was unconsious and immedietly brougth inside the emergency ward. His relative/friends, i did not know, rush in and asked the doctor to help. I was pushed a side for a while. The doctor and his medical staff check the boy. I watch and heard everything. And then, the moment that we fear most happened. The boy was declared death after 2-3 minutes. It happen before my eyes. His relative/friends shouted and cried loudly finding hard to accept the death of the boy. I kept quite. The doctor told me that, most of the time, the person that die is the one who is normally healthy. They'll die from accident. In this case the boy health is ok but a very fierce asthma suddenly attacked him. And it's too late for treatment.

What a night I experience....

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