Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hardcore Gaming Room

As I browse the internet, I stumbled with another good tech blog. It's called TechEBlog.org. There are a lots of cool stuff inside it. The site content immediately caught my attention and as a person not from the IT or gadget/networking/internet background, I learned and know a lots of thing from this site. Some of the crazy activities that hit me is 5 Hardcore Gaming Rooms You Don’t Want to Sleep in

You know you’re a hardcore gamer when…you’ve got twelve monitors dedicated to just playing MS Flight Simulator, a full-sized DDR machine sitting in the corner, or calling a mountain of Coke bottles your bed. View the rest after the jump.

Some of you like games, and some of you like games. Here are the dwellings of your brethren: Ahandful of game rooms that show cool gaming rooms are less about owning all the consoles, but more about cramming it full of stuff.

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