Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Last November, I went to MAHA EXPO 2006 (Malaysia Agriculture Holticulture Agrotourism) which was located in MARDI (Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute), Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia. Well, I went there not for official business, but rather gathering some information and adding up some new and fresh knowledge inside my brain cell about the agro-bio industry. There were thousands of people pouring into the exhibition which is the largest in Asia. It was very difficult for me to walk my way through the exhibition booth. I learn some new technology on growing some crops, got myself some info about the available loans and supports for interested parties who want to developt the agricultural business, and lots of more informations. It's basically a growing exciting sector to venture. On overall, i can say that MOHA 2006 is a very brilliant event conducted by the Malaysia's Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), but it definitely need to improve few things such as handling such a huge
gigantic visitors and directions etc.

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