Thursday, January 11, 2007

Good Blog Not Easy to Create

It's not going to be easy for me to create a successful blog that have many loyal readers. I have to keep faith and confidence that I can do it. I'm learning a lot of stuff inside the cyber world. I do not mind exploring the internet and learn some SEO stuff as well as some interesting gadgets. But the problem is I cannot stand looking at the monitor for so long. It really irritate my eyes. I need to do something to release the tension in my eyes.

I have seen some other blogs using the blogger platform which is really catchy, interesting amd neat as well. Blogging Secret is one kind of blog that attracts my attention because of two reasons: One is because it has three column, platform looks like wordpress, while the second one is because of it has a lot of subsriber/reader within a short period of time. It has really good content and I'm trying my best to adsorb his content.

Two days ago, I also joint mybloglog. It is a bloggers community in the virtual world. I registered myself and set Chemical Engineering World as my official blog inside mybloglog. I know that maybe I'm considered quite late in joining mybloglog. But, it really does not matter as long as I found that I get some traffic to my blog. I hope more bloggers will join my community and find my sites interesting. Well, I hope so. It's really my journey to be a successful part time blogger.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for good work. Great spirit you have, i have one golden word for you: "Never Give Up!". Cheer!^^

Anonymous said...

Whats's Up i'm fresh to this, I came upon this forum I have found It exceedingly accessible & its helped me out a lot. I should be able to give something back and support others like it has helped me.

Thanks, See Ya Later.

Anonymous said...

What's Happening i'm new here. I came accross this website I find It amply accommodating & it has helped me out a great deal. I hope to contribute and aid other people like it has helped me.

Cheers, Catch You Around.

Anonymous said...

Hi-ya im new to this. I hit upon this board I find It extremely accessible and it's helped me out tons. I hope to give something back & assist other people like its helped me.

Cheers, See Ya Around

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