Monday, February 19, 2007

Ronaldo Loves Life At United

For your info I'm a Manchester United die hard fan supporter and I'm a member to the Manchester United Fan Club. Therefore, I'm also receiving the official newsletter from The following post is taken from Redview 15th February 2007, Issue 144.

Sir Alex Ferguson has urged United fans to ignore any speculation linking Cristiano Ronaldo to a move away from Old Trafford.

Barcelona and Real Madrid have been touted as possible destinations for the Portuguese winger, but the United boss says he can't see it happening.

"I'd dismiss it, to be honest with you," Sir Alex told MU Radio. "Cristiano loves it here.

"He's in his best spell, he's improving and progressing fantastically as a footballer. He's a great lad and there's no way you could see him not being happy here. Without question, he loves it here."

Sir Alex was quick to point out Ronaldo's contract runs until 2010 and slammed those who claim the 22-year-old needs to be on a bigger stage.

"Why would we sell Cristiano? We have as much right to be at the top of the footballing tree as Barcelona. We have the same ambitions as them.

"We may not have a 90,000-seat stadium but we do have 76,000 in every week. I don't know if there's another club in the world like it. There are so many positives about Manchester United. You wouldn't want to leave here."

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