Monday, December 18, 2006

The Most Powerful Words in the World

The late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said in a sermon once
"I want to tell you about the two most powerful words in
the world. The first has only five letters, but it has the
strength to move mountains. That word is called faith.
F A I T H. Faith in yourself, faith in others, faith in your
abilities, faith in today, faith in your future. If you don't
have it, who will have it in you?

Then he spoke of the second of the two most powerful
words in the world. So powerful that, if you let it, it can
wipe out faith. "That word," he said in tones that showed
his contempt for it, "is a four-letter word call fear.
F E A R. Fear that you can't be or do something, fear
of the past and its consequences, fear of tomorrow for
what tomorrow might bring, fear that you might fail."

Fear and Faith. Failure and success.

Fear = Failure

Faith = Success

One of the best ways to build faith and confidence
in yourself is to accept it from others. We all need
a special person, wife, husband, or friend to stand
behind us and cheer us on and encourage us.

Fear and Faith

Fear whispering at one side: you can't do this . . .
you won't succeed in marketing yourself . . .
it's too big a job . . . you haven't hot the guts . . .

Faith whispering on the other side: You can do
anything if you think you can . . . you have more
courage than you know . . . people will respect
you and have confidence in you because you are
worthy of respect and confidence. . .

There are two "people" walking around in each
suit of clothes, each dress. The MIND and the BODY.
The part of the mind that you might call the captain
of your ship is about the size of an eraser. Yet, small
as it is, when mind is exercised over matter, powerful
changes can occur. Unfortunately, only about 5 percent
of the people let themselves be controlled by their minds,
The other 95 percent are controlled by their bodies. In the
same way, too few of us are guided by FAITH, while too
many of us are led by FEAR.

The mind says, "Go ahead, be confident, you can do it,
do it now." That's faith speaking, the first of the two
most powerful words in the world.

The body says, "Hold back, you might fail, you can't do it,
do it later." That's fear in your ear.

In building confidence in yourself there is no such thing
as "do it later."

Today decides what you're going to be tomorrow. Today
is what counts, Put out of your mind the fears, weaknesses
and confidence-destroying thoughts of a week ago, a
month ago, a year ago. Today is the day you must decide
you'll let that eraser-sized portion of your mind - faith -
control your body. Today is the day you banish fear forever.
But, you ask how?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We'll cover that question next time with Five Rules to Get Rid of Fear.

Adopted from :Neil McPherron - "Your" Master Marketer

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