Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Zaki Yamani World In JohnChow.com

I'm really honored that John Chow has included me in his "Review My Blog - Batch 24" post. Can you see my name inside his blog? Do you know who is John Chow? For me, he is my blogging idol. He has made a very successful and lucrative blog in just one year having more than 3000 subscribers (by the time this post is typed).

How can my blog be inside John Chow's blog? Simple! Basically, I made a very sincere and honest review about his blog, "John Chow's Supremacy", sent him an email giving the review link. In return, he included my blog inside his. This will hopefully publicize and increase the traffic to my blog. Thanks John, I really appreciate it.

I'm also very delighted to see my blog today because I saw John Chow's face, in mybloglog area. I hope, after this, more people will drop by and read my blog. I hope all of you enjoy and benefit reading my content.


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Yeah, I liked John's idea so much I wrote this post today about it: Paula Mooney: Want Some Link Love?

Happy I made it in John's batch #23!

zaki said...

yea...good...yes, i like the link move to....I'll do it tomorrow...today, I can't...I had an accident and my car is terribly damaged!!!

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