Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hospitals pick hi-tech clipboard

It is a very brilliant invention and the timing is perfect. We need this type of revolutionary product to speed up the medical treatment. I came across an article from the BBC site about the electronic clipboard that is now gaining popularity. I wonder when can the clipboard arrive in Malaysia? The post is adopted from

An electronic clipboard that has the potential to save lives has been unveiled.

It is hoped the device - known as a mobile clinical assistant (MCA) - will cut the time doctors and nurses spend on paper work. It could also improve patient safety and speed up treatment times. The portable device lets clinicians access patient records at the bedside, write notes and order essential tests in real-time. One senior doctor described it as one of the "most exciting developments in my 25 years in medicine". Read more from

An in-built camera allows nurses to add pictures to patient records

A clipboard for 21st century medicine?

"Quick diagnosis means quicker treatment for patients" Staff nurse Jenny Quilliam

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