Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Domain Name

I’m considering having my own domain name for this blog. Thinking and choosing a suitable name is quite difficult for me. That’s why earlier, I found it difficult to name my kids. I thought of using “”, but at one glance, it seems to be not commercial enough. I know some famous blogs around are using their own name such as,,, and others. While some decided to use other interesting name such as,, etc. Domain name key words are imperative and useful for crawlers. However, it really doesn’t matter what name it is if the blog is very successful and well known among ‘netizens’. Everybody will read and subscribe the content if it is a tremendously well maintained blog. Well, that is one real big fat challenge I’m facing now, to create and consistently deliver quality content to my readers. I don’t think I’m capable of serving multiple posts like John Chow. But, I will do my best, and first step is to get a real independent domain name.


eches said...

I really recommend you to have a domain of your own. More freedom and more control on your own blog. I believe you will sure enjoy the moment you start treasuring the wordpress (if you prefer to you wordpress)

All the best zaki. It's good to see another malaysian fellow gets involved in blogging.

Zaki said...

Ha ha....thanks eches....I may need your help to use word press...I don't know anything about it right now...I'm considering moving to WP...Thanks for your support

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