Sunday, November 12, 2006


Nothing is ever sold without a buyer, not even you.
So, put yourself in a buyer's shoes for a moment
and ask yourself, "would anyone want to buy me?"

In order to sell yourself successfully to other you
Must make yourself into a most-wanted package.
You are trying to get people to do something your
way, or see something as you see it. You want them
to change their viewpoints, to make them like or
love you.


You can't be an unknown quantity and sell yourself.
Millions of dollars have been spent by manufacturers,
advertising agencies, market research people and
retailers to decide just how to package a product
to make it more saleable.

The contents are what you are inside. The person-
ality that shines through your eyes, the smile on
your face, the words that express your thoughts
and ideas, your readiness to listen, your enthusiasm,
your attitudes and outlook.

The wrapping is your outward appearance: your
cleanliness, your grooming, your complexion, your
weight, the clothes you wear and the way you
wear them, the posture you assume, the shoes
you walk in.

The emphasis of your message about marketing
yourself is on the inner contents of your package
and how to develop them to such a fine point that
putting yourself over becomes ever easier. For
now, however, let's consider some things about
your wrapping. After all, that's the first thing others
see. The sale of yourself begins there. It can be
won or lost because of the wrapping.

How often have you received a package that has been
carelessly handled in shipment? The package has
been dropped perhaps, or it is soiled, the paper may
be torn and the twine loosened. The moment you
received such a package you probably started to
worry about the condition of the contents.

It's the same with people. Our exterior image must
reflect positively the qualities we wish to sell to others.
If the outside wrapping caused others to worry about
us and what we are, we can begin to say good-bye to
the sale.

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Until next time, I urge you to keep this ideas and
suggestions in mind as you go about your day.

Adopted from
Neil McPherron - "Your" Master Marketer
Creative Marketing Group
Bell Plaza - Ste. 126E
PO Box 5549
Peoria AZ 85385

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