Sunday, November 12, 2006

Clothing - Fashion

Remember, WHAT you wear is an indication to many people of what you are. *Clothes make
the man* is a phrase that carries a great deal of truth. WHEN and WHERE you were them are
also decisive factors. An evening dress and furs are beautiful when worn by a woman to a
restaurant or a theater; they are ridiculous at a morning business meeting. Farfetched?
Not at all, it does happen.

I've heard of a guidance counselor, a practicing psychologist, who, when at work, is the most
conservative of dressers. He has to be, in order to inspire confidence in his counsel.

However, at night, when partying, he changes his entire personality and image by wearing casual
jeans or leather, a necklace and zodiac pendant, and even a small gold earring in his left ear. It does not bother him at all to be mistaken sometimes for a member of the gay community, which he is not. But, can you imagine what the effect would be if he dressed on the job as he does during his leisure hours? His counsel would most likely go unheeded.

There is nothing so fleeting as fashion. One year it is wide lapels and wide neckties, the next year it's back to narrow ties. Single-breasted suits or double-breasted - it's your choice. Vests? They can be matching or contrasted.

Hemlines? They move up and down like elevators.

In short, style is always a matter of personal taste and preference.

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More on the rules concerning clothing next time. Until then.

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