Sunday, November 12, 2006

Leadership Power Tip 7

We have covered a lot of ground with the Leadership Power Tips so far:

Seize An Opportunity
Know Your Values
Create Your Vision
Set Goals, Make Deadlines, Deliver Results and Celebrate
Learn, Share, Learn
Engage Others, be part of a team

Today I want to talk about Communication and its key component - Listening. My leadership effectiveness grew tremendously when I enhanced my listening skills. I learned that when I speak, I must be clear about "how my communication landed over there." What that means is has the person you are speaking to really understood the meaning or intention of your message. When you take the time to ensure that this level of clarity is actually happening, then your effectiveness grows tremendously.

Not only does this level of clarity hold true for when you are speaking but also for when you are listening to someone else. Take the time to ensure that you are receiving the message being presented with their intention - not yours. Take time to ask questions that clarify for you and the one you are communicating with that you both are on the same page of understanding.

Here is the link for today's Leadership Power Tip 7:

Communicate Well - Listen More

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