Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Leadership Power Tips

Have you noticed a difference in your listening habits? Are you ensuring that the intention of the message is clearly understood?
All these leadership practices take time to develop. Be patient with yourself, yet keep moving forward.

Today's tip is a great follow up to the last one. I want to talk about being grateful. At times, we are moving so fast and doing so many tasks that we forget how far we have come, all those we have influenced and all that we have accomplished. It is really important to acknowledge yourself and those around you - to be grateful for all we have.

I keep a journal. I carry it with me everyday. Having this journal with me, allows me the opportunity to capture what I am grateful for. When I am waiting for someone at lunch or when I am on hold for a call, I sometimes take that brief moment to write down what I am grateful for. Usually 2-3 times a week, I will open my journal and write down my thoughts for the day or the week. Here is a link which gives you an example of what I have written at the end of one day: http://www.leadershippowertips.com/BeGrateful.htm

It is awesome what comes to mind during this quiet and thoughtful time. I often find that someone has contributed to me in a powerful way and it affords me the chance to capture my thoughts so I then can share my appreciation with them the next day.

This process of writing what I am grateful for relieves any overwhelm or anxiety I may be feeling. I make a focused effort to be grateful especially when those feelings come up because it then allows me to get back on track, be grounded again.

Here is the link to today's Leadership Power Tip 8:

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