Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Glorious Premiership Weekend

The jokes on you
Cristiano Ronaldo shares a joke with the assistant referee as Man Utd walk away with a 2-0 win against Newcastle. This was 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, Ronaldo did not play against Wigan due to injury.

Ole at the double
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer celebrates with Rio Ferdinand after the Norweigan's double strike won the game for Man Utd. This was also against Newcastle. Ole did scored in Manchester's win against Wigan yesterday, scoring in the injury time.

Cech undergoes surgery
Petr Cech suffered a depressed fracture of the skull following his clash with Reading's Stephen Hunt, with Chelsea now facing a goalkeeping crisis for Wednesday's meeting with Barcelona. Cech, the 24-year-old Czech Republic goalkeeper, was knocked unconscious in the opening minute at the Madejski Stadium in a clash that left boss Jose Mourinho fearing for his player's life. This happen yesterday, 14/10/2006 Saturday when Chealsea won 0-1 against a strong home side of Reading.

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