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This is a very interesting and good article from a friend of mine

Surah Al-Asr (verse 1-3)


By (the Token of) TIME (through the ages), Verily Man is in loss, Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy.

TIME has different meanings to different people and at different TIMES.

For some, they are cashing in on the word TIME as their company’s name or company’s tagline.

For others, they are cashing in on the TIME theme in creating the biggest hit songs, movies and TV shows. Examples are (to name a few): -

1) Songs - Time After Time by Cindy Lauper and Yesterday by The Beatles.
2) Movies - Titanic (a couple met the first TIME on the ship and raced against TIME before the doomed liner sunk) and Nick of TIME (a loving father is threatened of his daughter’s life if he fails to assassinate a senator).
3) TV shows – Without A Trace (an FBI team battles with TIME as they search for missing persons), 24 (each season tells events that unfold within a 24-HOUR period) and Lost (a group of survivors stranded on a deserted island, counting DAYS while they wait to be rescued and remembering the DAYS that took place before their airplane crashed).

For those whose work involve with tight deadlines or those who are running late to catch a flight, they may curse at the TIME for not trying to slow down a little bit.

For those who are bed-ridden with terminal diseases, they are counting the TIMES they have left on earth.

For those who like to loaf at shopping complexes, or frequently visit their neighbours spreading gossips, fail to realise there are people out there who would kill for those precious TIMES they have wasted.

For couples who are madly in love, they treasure their TIMES together, every minute, every second and never want those TIMES to end.

For those who dearly miss their loved ones who are no longer present, whether due to deaths or them being far away or simply missing, TIME can be an instrument of torture and unbearable.

For those who are expecting a child, they eagerly await for the TIME where they can play with those little fingers, hear those ‘little’ laughter and witness those first little steps.

For those whose children have all grown up, they wonder how fast TIME flies, as they feel like it was only yesterday, they saw their children in the playground.

For those who fast during the month of Ramadhan with much humility, they learn to be patient with TIME.

For those who have met their soul mates, they will always reminisce the TIME when they first met.

For those who are late for a date for the 101st TIME, they have a lot of explaining (or begging) to do with their partners.

For those who escape death at the final TIME just before tragedies strike, or those who shoot the winning score just in TIME before the final whistle is blown, they have a lot to be grateful for.

...and finally, when the TIME has come for Mailakatul Maut (Angel of Death) to approach us, we can either have a lot to feel regret about OR have a lot to look forward to. Wallahua’lam.

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